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Stargate Love Version 2

I found this on my abandoned blogspot account, and decided to just repost it here.
It's basically the same thing as my previous post, but has additional details that weren't mentioned. shrugs
I actually first heard about Atlantis, and then SG-1, so I have to admit, it took some time for SG-1 to catch my interest -- but once it did, I loved it!
I can't say which one I like better -- they're both so awesome! ^^;
I have to say though, my favorite episode for SG-1 is 'Windows of Opportunity', and for Atlantis, my favorite episode is 'Tao of Rodney'. *grin*

My favorite character is and always will be Rodney! *grin*
But individually, Daniel, Jack, and Cameron from SG-1 are my favorite characters.
For Atlantis, Rodney, Beckett, Zelenka, Sheppard, Ronon... I can't choose! But if I had to... Rodney and Beckett. *grin* I just love Carson's accent! *squee* lol

Yeah, I know I'm skipping around, which is something I *never* ever do when I watch a show. I always *have to* watch a show in order starting with the first episode.

I actually started doing that with Atlantis, which is why Rising was the first episode that I saw, but after watching a few episodes in order, I looked at TV.com's Top Episodes list, and watched the episodes that had high ratings.
(I've seen The Shrine, and several episodes from Season 3 and 4, plus a few from the second season.)
After watching the top episodes, as well as the episodes that I found interesting from their description, I began to start watching them in order. So I've finished Season 1, and am now on Season 2.

I originally planned on watching the show just for the characters, which is how I found out about Stargate. I was asking about TV shows with great characters, and so I was introduced to Rodney and Sheppard.
But anyways, after a few episodes, I actually started getting interested in the what was going on in the show, and not just the character interactions. And from that point on, I became a fan of Sci-Fi.

Right now, I'm watching SG-1. I did the same thing for SG-1 that I did with Atlantis -- that is, watching the top episodes, and those that I found interesting by their description.

Several days ago, I decided to start with Season 9. Oh boy, I love Cameron! He's funny. *grin*

I'm so glad they changed the way Teal'c looked. I thought the make-up was really weird, to be honest. *sheepish*

Wow, I didn't mean to write so much, but whatever. lol ^^;;