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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted here.
I never was good with keeping up with this kind of thing.
It's not like I have anything useful to say that other people will find interesting.
Most, if not all, of what I post here are my thoughts on TV shows, movies, and books.

But I am going to try to update more.
See, I probably would've updated more in the first place, but I had classes, and I needed to focus on that.
My last final was yesterday, so I'm free until the fall! Yay! hahaha *grin*
Anyways, from the middle of February all the way to yesterday, I didn't watch any TV! D:
I know, how can that happen? I *love* TV so much! But I the idea of failing is a pretty good motivator, don't you think? d: haha

But anyways, I recently found out about Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along blog!
Ohmigosh, how totally freaking awesome is that!? I know, right? ><

Neil Patrick Harris is so freaking hilarious! His character Barney on How I Met Your Mother has been my favorite character for that show since the first episode. But back to Dr. Horrible -- I heard that there is going to be a sequel! *gasp* I can't wait to see it! *big grin*
And I really want the DVD! D: I am definitely going to try and buy it this summer. I mean, special features -- come on! lol

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the website: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.
This was directed by Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel) and was made during the Writers' Strike.

The Sims 2 on eBay

I'm going to be selling some of my PC games on eBay. Right now, I'm starting with The Sims 2 Holiday Edition, and these expansion packs: The Sims 2: University, The Sims 2: Nightlife, and The Sims 2: Open for Business.

I bought The Sims 2 Holiday Edition at Target, and everything that it came with is still there. Nothing is missing. It may be used, but the condition looks brand new.
There are no scratches or fingerprints on any of the discs. I have included pictures of The Sims 2 and its' expansion packs, but in the pictures, I smudged the serial number with Photoshop so you can't see it unless you buy it, because anyone can steal the serial, but I can assure you that it is definitely there, on the back of the booklet.

The rest of The Sims 2 expansion packs are in the same condition -- looks like brand new. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference if you mixed these with new ones.

PicturesCollapse )

Heroes - Villains (Season 3, Episode 8)

Wow! Last night's episode of Heroes was awesome! The end of the episode had me protesting out loud! My brother&sub1; thinks that Arthur didn't do anything to Hiro, and that Hiro just yelled out in surprise, or whatever, but I think that since Hiro found out what Arthur did, he needed to warn Angela. I know that it's too late, but Hiro doesn't know that, so I think Arthur either wiped his memory, or took his powers. I'm hoping it's not the latter option, because that would be so freaking horrible! *distraught* I can write more about this episode, but I'm really tired, and maybe I will elaborate more tomorrow. The same episode that was on last night is on the G4TV channel at 10:00pm tonight. I'm going to watch it again, and then maybe I'll elaborate on my review. But at least I have something posted for now.

- D'Amato


Apparently a baby's sock is cute and makes people want babies. xD haha *grin* At least it does for Lily and Marshall. And Ted, but we already knew that. And Robin, albeit reluctantly, but still unsure. And Barney, I think. *laughs* This episode was funny, but similar to my review of The Big Bang Theory, I thought that this episode was average. It was funny, but it doesn't compare to the other episodes, IMHO. Drunk/Baby Lily was funny, though. She must have been really drunk! haha *grin*

- D'Amato
Sheldon vs. Penny. Oh, it's so on! *laughs*
We learn something new about Sheldon every week. I mean, we learn about the other characters too, but mostly Sheldon and his crazy (but funny!) quirks. *grin*
If you ever have a conflict with Sheldon, just call his mother -- she'll make him apologize! *laughs* This episode was funny, but it wasn't 'the stitch in your side from laughing so hard' funny. That award goes to Season 2, Episode 5 - The Euclid Alternative, IMHO. I'm not saying this episode was bad or not funny -- it was good, and I laughed when the situation called for it. Basically, it was just average. I'm just saying. Anyways, I can't wait until the next episode. (:

- D'Amato

Deadpan Snarker

I love characters in TV, movies, and books that have a cynical and sarcastic sense of humor! I can't even begin to describe how much I love that kind of dry wit in a character. *grin*
I googled several key words to see if I can find a term, or examples of this kind of humor in a character, and I found this site. [Deadpan Snarker]
(As a sidenote, I just want to mention that I'm actually pretty good when it comes to searching. My favorite search engine is Google, by the way.)
Anyways, I just wanted to share this, because I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who loves a Deadpan Snarker. *grin* The link I provided gives both a term with a definition of this type of character, and along with it, a list of characters who have this type of humor. I'm only going to list characters that I see on this list that I know and love.Collapse )
Today is my third and last trip to the Dentist. I'm getting three cavities filled today. Before that, I had four filled, and then before that, just one. It's not my fault my mom never bothered making an appointment with the Dentist. I mean, I think it's been at least three or four years since I've last been to the Dentist, and that's not counting this year. I finally mentioned to her that she should make an appointment. Anyways, it's not as bad as I thought it would be, but it's rather uncomfortable.
If I wasn't allergic to wheat, dairy, nuts, rice, and some other ingredients that aren't as important to name, I would say that it's kind of ironic that I have a Dentist appointment on Halloween. But it's not, because I can't eat candy anyways, and I don't even like candy that much to be honest. Tic-Tacs are the only thing that I eat that come close to being candy. So I'm not upset that I can't eat all that sugar.
I usually go out for Halloween to hang out with my friends, since college keeps up pretty busy. And I like taking my little brother out for Halloween. I like that he looks up to me. Being a big sister to him is fun! haha *grin*

- D'Amato
Hey, so today is Halloween.
I don't think I'll do anything tonight. Or maybe I will, I don't know. I don't usually do anything for Halloween anymore, and if I did, it was only to hang out with my friends. But If I do do anything, it'll probably be just walking my little brother¹ around the block. It's not like I'll be eating any candy, since I can't really have candy, what with my allergies and aversion to chocolate and all. But I might dress up for fun. Maybe I'll put on that light purple, [lilac] dress and wear my brown boots with black leggings. I never wore that dress before, and I really like it a lot, so this could be fun.
At first, I wanted to be a Mob Boss, which got me thinking of The Godfather. I never did see that movie, and I want to see it if only so I can talk about it with someone or whatever. I don't know. Anyways, then my brother² suggested that I be an FBI agent, like Seeley Booth on Bones. I was like, "Yeah!", and I was pretty excited, but I don't have the right attire or whatever.
So that's when I figured I'd wear that dress. I couldn't really find an occasion to wear it on, so this could be my only chance. I mean, I'm not the dress-wearing type, and I'm definitely not a girly-girl, that's for certain. :P And I don't even like purple anymore. My favorite color is blue. Okay, I don't not like purple, I just don't like it as much. And I lilac is even worse than purple, but the way the dress looks makes up for how I feel about the color. ^^;; Later.

- D'Amato


Holy freaking crap!!! Oh my gosh, I was practically squealing during some scenes of Heroes, no lie! :P
Oh man, I love Sylar in this episode! I knew he was going to go save Peter, I just knew it! I also knew that Peter wasn't really going to leave Sylar there, even if he didn't have any powers. They're brothers. And speaking of brothers, I think I squealed when Peter was surprised that Sylar came to save him, and Sylar told him that's what brothers do, and oh man, that just got me so happy! *big grin* And only for a minute did I believe that Sylar turned to Arthur's side, but when Peter fell out of that window and survived, I knew that Sylar was just faking.
Matt didn't die! Matt didn't die! Matt didn't die! Okay, I forgot, or I actually don't think I knew that Matt could put images in someone's mind. If I knew that, then I wouldn't have thought that he was dead, but he's not, and he can! That's so cool! But Maury is dead... I never really liked him, but he didn't want his son dead, and stood up to Arthur. I wonder if he knew that he was going to die, and if he did, would he still have protected Matt? Based on how Maury sticks up for his son, I can only assume that he would have, but who really knows, and honestly, who really cares? I still don't like him either way. lol
Heroes didn't end as dramatically as I thought it would. I mean, we all know that Hiro isn't hurt or dead. He is on a spiritual journey. It's just like what happened to Matt, except Hiro isn't painting anything.
Speaking of Hiro and Matt, I love that beatbox thing Greg and Masi did. I hope Heroes does something like that again. It was funny, and it would be cool if they did something like that with Sylar and Peter! *grin*
If you don't know what I'm referring to, check it out on YouTube here.
Oh man, oh man! This episode was awesome! *big grin*

- D'Amato


October 24

Oh man, I love that show Life on NBC! Charlie Crews is an awesome character. I just love it when he becomes all philosophical or whatever he does. It's very funny -- especially when his partner gets annoyed. *grin* His character is just so refreshing.
Yesterday's episode was really good! First, I have to say that I love Captain Tidwell way better than Lt. Davis. The attraction Tidwell felt for Reese is subtle, but it's there. And after last night's episode, after they kissed, I'm really anxious to see what's going to happen between them.
I'm so glad that Life is moving to a new day and time. If were not aware, Life used to be on Mondays at 10pm, then moved to Fridays at the same time. Now Life is going to be on Wednesdays at 9pm. I know it coincides with Private Practice, but I'm not ashamed, nor do I regret it when I say that Life is a way better show. Besides, I can always watch the episodes I miss online. Anyways, I'm so excited! I can't wait until Wednesday! *big grin*

- D'Amato